FMM 10 5 18 Greatest Good

“The countenance of one man brighteneth another; Iron sharpeneth iron” ~ Joseph Hill, Culture.

 I have never doubted the power of the mind.  My mother was a strong believer in mind over matter.  It mostly had to do with you ignoring all of those things you wanted to use as excuses not to get a job done.  “Just get on with it!”  Of course my father’s belief system called for a reliance on an outside power, being able to do all things “…through Christ, who strengthens me.”  Over the years as a nurse I have seen many examples of the old saying: Belief kills and belief cures.  I have seen patients who have willed themselves into an early grave, and those who have defied all odds through their positive thoughts.  Since my first years as a student nurse I have believed in the power of the mind/body to heal itself. The question is how do you tap into it? How do you initiate the process?

I am not sure where I learned it, but as a young mother I believed I had a responsibility over my children that was more than just an act of caring, being vigilant, providing, teaching.  Somehow (especially as they grew older and more independent) I had this superstition, that I could protect them from all manner of evil only if I consciously imagined the worst and focused my mind on preventing it from happening.  It was exhausting.  If my daughter was out later than I liked (and this in the day before cell phones, who remembers pagers and beepers?  When last did you use a pay phone?) I would focus my mind on a wide array of horrible possibilities and then stay awake sending out thought shields to block them.  Of course, she was fine while I was aging rapidly.  One day I realized that if she had gone away to college I would have no idea whether she went out or stayed in, and just decided to stop.  It was very liberating.

It may have been round about that time that I started to read and hear about a different type of thinking, that of the power of positive intention.  There was a book called the Secret (I don’t think I actually read it, but I heard about it), and a video I watched called “What the bleep do we know”.  The video demonstrated the power of thought to change things; not just actions and behaviors, but physical things like the alkalinity of water.  It suggested that it is our thoughts that determine our reality.  The overarching concept was that we could create outcomes through our thoughts.  By sending out messages to the universe we could get the results we want.  Vision boards are another branch of that idea.  By placing your hopes, dreams, intentions in a visual manner on a board which you focus on each day, you increase the likelihood of achieving your dreams.

In my desire to learn more about the power of the mind/body to heal itself, I have studied different forms of energy medicine (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch).  We are getting more evidence that living things are energy fields interacting with each other and the world.  If you have ever been on the receiving end of any form of energy work, you can attest to the benefits.  You feel reorganized, rested, calmed and strengthened.  Nature is another way of restoring harmony, studies have shown how healing it is to visit places of natural beauty.  Mindful meditation is another means to regaining control of a chaotic, splintered, stressed out head.  Focusing on being centered and grounded puts the parasympathetic system back in control, gets the heart rate, the blood pressure and the cortisol levels down.  There are many things we can do to protect ourselves against the ravages of a world beyond our control.

One of the requests of people who engage in energy medicine is not to aim for a specific goal when working with another. If the person’s problem is back pain, the energy worker should not begin with the intention of relieving the back pain, but rather the intention should be that whatever happens as a result of the healing session is for the recipient’s greatest good.  It may be that they want to keep the back pain; it may be getting them out of a job they don’t want to do!  That intention, that of asking for whatever happens is for the greatest good of the recipient is a powerful thought.  I once sent such a request out to the universe, and got a dramatic and life altering response.  The next day.  It did not seem to be a good outcome at the time. But it changed the trajectory of the person’s life for the better.  When I saw the power of that tool I put it down.

I have been thinking about the times we are currently experiencing in the US.  All manner of injustices and painful acts are being unearthed and exposed.  The time has come for people of good intention to set our thoughts together, and ask that whatever happens over the coming days is ultimately for the greatest good of the country.  It may be that things are going to get worse.  It may be that more ugliness comes out, that many more are going to suffer, many more may die.  But if we allow Bob’s ‘Natural Mystic’ to flow from our hearts and through the air, perhaps we can overcome the negative forces that seem selfishly and recklessly determined to grab us all by the gonads.

I have some friends who are as fascinated by cloudscapes as I am.  I had a fanciful thought this week.  What if clouds are nothing more than the vaporized breath of our ancestors, of angels, of the energy and spirits that have gone before us?  What if, as we look at the beautiful designs we are seeing scenes lovingly created by those who are watching over us, demonstrating their intentions, their desires for our greatest good?  Next time you look at a cloud, see if you can figure which one of your loved ones is sending you a message of hope, or a warning of tough times ahead.  That backlit silver line may be a hint of the dawn that will surely come.

Have a wonderful weekend, Family! And be careful what you wish for, who knows how powerful we are!

One Love!




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