Monthly Archives: October 2012

FMM 10 26 12; Turn your light on

I had an interesting dream the other night, it was one that made me look for the meaning behind the image. I was driving at night on a Jamaican road, and realized the headlights weren’t working. Somehow I made it to my destination with no problem. If you know Jamaican roads you will know that driving in […]

FMM 10 19 12 Nurturing vs Enabling

It is not easy raising African American males in the USA. Parenting is tough, period. For many single parents, there are hard choices to make, and it is often only in hindsight that we see our mistakes. Assisting our bright young children to stay focused and motivated in a world where the messages may conflict […]

FMM 10 12 12 The Moment is Now

“You see, the past is past, and the future is yet to come. That means the future is in your hands, the future entirely depends on the present. That realization gives you a great responsibility.” The Dalai Lama. How much attention do we pay to the present moment? While driving to work we are thinking […]

FMM 10 05 12 The big picture

“When I in awesome wonder….”   Fall in South Florida does not give us colorful changing leaves. We don’t feel the crisp change of air that signifies the end of summer and the taste of a cold winter to come. The transition is much more subtle. But we still have much to gaze in awe […]