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FMM 7 27 12: To be a Pilgrim

Good Friday Morning Family! This morning I am blessed to be writing this message from the beautiful island of Jamaica, listening to the early morning calls of the birds up in the mountains. It seems only fitting that I borrow some of my father’s words (the Rev. Pearce Jones, for any readers who may not […]

Friday Morning Message: “Rhetoric is not important. Actions are.” – Nelson Mandela

We are a society that is seduced by packaging. At Christmas time we can buy beautifully prepackaged sets of products. Unfortunately when we open them up, we find tiny bottles and a whole lot of garbage. The same is true of our leaders. So often we hear fiery rhetoric, phrases designed to inflame our emotions, […]

FMM Who among these is great? 7 13 12

There is a sermon that my father preached (as kids we used to say that the past tense of preach should be praught!) that stays with me today. It was a momentous occasion, as the service was being broadcast live on the radio. You can imagine how proud we were in Salem, to know that […]

FMM 7 6 12. And death shall have no dominion (Dylan Thomas)

Stories and Funerals I have a friend who is threatening to ‘defriend’ me – she is scared I go to too many funerals, and that it may rub off on her! Unfortunately we have a hard time believing in our own mortality, somehow thinking that we can cheat death. But although funerals are sad occasions, […]

Sleep and Literacy FMM 3 30 12

When last did you get a good night’s sleep? We need our rest! Studies have shown that people who get on average less than eight hours a night are more likely to develop chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and obesity. Not to mention shortening your life expectancy. In our busy lives we […]

Chapter 3: Settling In

Chapter 3: Settling In.

Life in Black and White. Chapter 1: Ariadne

Life in Black and White. Chapter 1: Ariadne.