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Baby Steps are still Steps

Baby Steps are still steps “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao-Tzu Many of us aspire to do great things. Quite apart from raising healthy families and paying our bills, we would like to make a difference in this world. And then we become paralyzed by the knowledge that we […]

International Women’s Day March 2012

Friday Morning Message 3/9/12 So yesterday was International Women’s Day, and we may wonder if we really need a day to reflect on how far women have come. We may think that in our own world we are in charge of our lives, have accomplished plenty, and are not victim of sexism. So what’s the […]

Geography as Destiny FMM 06 01 12

Friday Morning Message 6 01 12 Good Friday morning Facebook Family! I am privileged to be spending time with a new grandbaby, and musing on the circle of life. We study the newborn for signs of familiarity, who does she look like? What kind of personality will she have? What will she accomplish? For the […]

Caring for self: Haiku for Healing

The average nurse wears many caps. Often she is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a friend. She may also be a grandmother, a member of organizations and a student. This is all before she puts on her uniform and goes to work.  And how can you describe what a typical day […]

Fair trade FMM 3 16 12

Fair trade FMM 3 16 12

Eat your veggies!

Easter Message 2012: Beyond Bun and Cheese

Good Friday Morning Message Beyond bun and cheese. The traditions of our childhood help to shape the adults we have become. Aside from the food associated with the holidays were the church services, the hymns, the clothes, and all of the trappings of the seasons. Growing up in Jamaica we had the somber and serious […]

Laughter: Better than medicine 4 12 2012

Friday Morning Message Laughter: better than medicine. Good Friday Morning everyone! Last weekend I was privileged to spend time with a wonderful woman who had just celebrated her 95th birthday. Several times I heard her give a good old-fashioned belly laugh. It was such a wonderful sound. Despite her aches and pains, despite the fact that […]

Decisions, decisions, decisions. FMM 6/8/12

donna in Beque

Donna and Elombe in Bequia

Try something new! FMM 2/3/12

Try something new!

Pat skiing

Mind-body connection, Friday morning message January 2012

Deepak Chopra

Good Friday Morning Family! I was inspired to write about science and spirituality after listening to a lecture by Deepak Chopra. He was lecturing about the inter-relatedness of the cells in our body, which have the ability to speak to each other. He spoke of our ability to heal ourselves. He also tied that in to humanity’s inter-relatedness to each other.

But what stayed with me the most, out of all of the amazing things he discussed, is the scientific work he is doing to demonstrate the effect of our mind, our attitude, our spirituality on our physical health. Along with other researchers, they are documenting what are the things that improve our ‘well-being’, not just physical wellbeing, but on the emotional, social, and financial fronts also.  This research utilizes science to measure well-being.

And one of the things that has been demonstrated to improve your well-being is being surrounded by happy people. Further, if those happy people are surrounded by happy people, even that improves your well-being. And if those happy people (and these are people you don’t know, don’t come in contact with) are surrounded by happy people, that also improves your well-being.

If you have some spare time, listen to his lecture. He explains it far better than I can. We need to recognize how much power we have over our own well-being. Not only that, but we can influence our health, and instruct our cells to heal and repair themselves. I am not trying to put drug companies out of business (ok, maybe I am – they have a lot to do with trying to prevent Health Care Reform from being put into effect), but we need to stop believing that we can buy health, happiness and a way to heaven! The answer to many of life’s problems lies within us. We just need to tap into this amazing source.

There was one more point that Chopra made that resonated. He said that even the happiness of your perceived enemy, improves your well-being. This means that you can let go of pettiness, and permit the happiness of those you may not count as friends, for their happiness makes you healthier! Sometimes we hold on to bitterness and resentment for no good reason, and in doing so we only harm ourselves.

So this Friday morning, let us appreciate the happy people around us, and pay back the debt by being happy ourselves. Life is too short to be negative, and our negativity is shortening lives! Have a happy weekend, and take time to be good to yourself.

One Love, Family!