Geography as Destiny FMM 06 01 12

Friday Morning Message 6 01 12

Good Friday morning Facebook Family! I am privileged to be spending time with a new grandbaby, and musing on the circle of life. We study the newborn for signs of familiarity, who does she look like? What kind of personality will she have? What will she accomplish? For the grandparents we are relieved to know that our DNA lives on, so that we will have some kind of immortality even when we are gone.

But the DNA is not enough. The environment also plays a huge role. Nutrition, stimulation, access to healthcare and education are things we take for granted. Unfortunately the same is not true all over the world. Living in the US we have come to expect perfect outcomes every time, even when babies are born prematurely. But jackass say, the worl’ no level (life is not fair), and your baby’s chances of being born healthy, growing up to be able to achieve her dreams, goals and aspirations depends upon where she happens to be born. Geography as destiny. The place on the planet that you were born and live determines your quality and quantity of life.

We see horrendous things happening around the world, and somehow it doesn’t faze us anymore. Women and children are being slaughtered in Syria, and the world stands by. There is a conflict going on in the Sudan which has resulted in the deaths of up to 300,000 people over the past 8 years, with millions being displaced and living in horrendous conditions. Lack of clean water results in the spread of disease, and more deaths. We talk about the returning vets and their disabilities from post-traumatic stress disorder and physical injuries, yet who is treating the same injuries among the civilian populations left behind?

We need to be more aware and more vocal in insisting that everybody’s baby deserves an equal chance for the best in life. We who are blessed need to spread awareness of the disparities around the world. Most politicians are worried about their own job security rather than making a difference in the world. If you are interested in what is going on beyond our borders, there are many organizations that are striving to make a difference. President Bill Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates have foundations which you can browse through and maybe make a contribution. There are also organizations like the WHO, UNICEF, and the International Red Cross who need support. They provide healthcare workers and aides who put their lives on the line every day in trouble spots all over the world.

Perhaps you too can make a difference, and know that you are helping to change things so that mothers and grandmothers all over the world can wonder who the baby looks like, instead of just hoping that the baby will survive.

One Love Family! Not trying to bring you down on this wonderful Friday morning, but I am recognizing that we are all one people, and we need to try to make this world a better place for all.

Have a great weekend!

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