International Women’s Day March 2012

Friday Morning Message 3/9/12

So yesterday was International Women’s Day, and we may wonder if we really need a day to reflect on how far women have come. We may think that in our own world we are in charge of our lives, have accomplished plenty, and are not victim of sexism. So what’s the big deal?

We still have a long way to go. Many women still struggle. Most women are not paid as much as their male counterparts; we are underrepresented in positions of power in business and politics. Worldwide the health, education and violence against women is much worse than for men.

But we don’t have to look too far. Over the past few weeks in the US we have been hearing the uproar against simple matters of health for women. The male establishment is pushing to turn back the clock and make it harder for women to make choices regarding their reproductive health. Obamacare mandates that employers include coverage for contraception for women. Men (mostly) proclaim that it is a violation of their religious freedom, goes against their moral values. It seems that barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen is still their goal for women. For most of us we are way too busy to pay attention to politics, but it affects all of us. Our daughters should not have to be fighting the wars we thought were over years ago.

Somewhere along the way we decided we could have it all. We would go conquer the world, go to school; have a career; raise a family; go back to school; keep working full time; still be the nurturing mother/wife/best friend/daughter/lover/mentor along the way. And look gorgeous and glamorous when we step out! Is it any wonder that we are not even aware that politicians have been trying to force medically unnecessary and morally questionable vaginal probes into women who seek abortions? Whether you think abortions are morally reprehensible or not, for some women it may be a distressing necessity. Do we really want to go back to illegal life threatening back door abortions? This is what could happen.

In a year when we are all concerned about economic stability, when the middle class see the future as dim; there are those in power who are focused on diminishing women’s reproductive rights. In the week of International Women’s Day we need to make sure we are informed about what is happening. This is an election year. Take a few minutes to do some research before you vote. It is not just the top guys that make a difference, it is the representatives at the state level that can have an impact in the lives of our daughters and granddaughters.

We’ve come a long way baby, but there are miles to go before we sleep.

Have a great weekend, Facebook family! One Love!


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    1. Thanks Mo! Great to see the feedback!

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