FMM 10 05 12 The big picture

“When I in awesome wonder….”


Fall in South Florida does not give us colorful changing leaves. We don’t feel the crisp change of air that signifies the end of summer and the taste of a cold winter to come. The transition is much more subtle. But we still have much to gaze in awe upon. In the morning when we head out the door we may be treated to pink and orange streaks to the east, clouds that are tinged with gentle pastel shades. Or in the evening you may be driving due east and behind you a huge ball of fire is sinking below the horizon.


The harvest moon in a clear sky may be hanging low, large, and lemon colored, distracting you from the traffic and the tiring struggles of the day. On a rainy day black clouds in the distance are decorated with grey and white gauzy layers in the foreground.  But the air has been washed clean, trees and leaves looking shiny and bright. A rainbow reminds us that the rain never lasts.


Sometimes we get so caught up in the petty problems of our life that we forget to pull back and look at the big picture. We allow frustrations to block our view of how lucky we are, of all the things we should be grateful for. Last weekend I had to cope with the distress of no laptop and troubling internet connections. I allowed that minor inconvenience to upset my mood. How insignificant is that compared to some real tragedies and traumas that others have to cope with? It reminded me that it is easy to give advice, not so easy to live it.


It is important to recognize small stumbling blocks as temporary, minor setbacks. I know this week a lot of us were disappointed while watching the presidential debate. It may have upset our mood and made us cranky. But in the scheme of things, how important is that one event? In the theater they usually hope for a bad dress rehearsal, since that signifies that opening night will go off without a hitch. So let us look at the big picture, and continue to encourage everyone to fight for their right to vote.


Have a great weekend Facebook family, and I hope that even if you are stuck in traffic, your phone has no bars, and your bills are late you are able to pull back, see the big picture, and notice something that fills you with awesome wonder and allows your soul to sing, “How great thou art!”


Happy Friday!


One Love.


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