FMM 10 26 12; Turn your light on

I had an interesting dream the other night, it was one that made me look for the meaning behind the image. I was driving at night on a Jamaican road, and realized the headlights weren’t working. Somehow I made it to my destination with no problem. If you know Jamaican roads you will know that driving in the dark would not have a happy ending! Only under a clear moonlit sky might it be possible! My first interpretation was this: If you know the road you don’t need a light. But I started thinking of another possibility. We often ignore or hide the light that comes from within.

A lot of us spend time and money looking for answers about our lives. We buy the latest self-help books; we may consult psychics or other advisers looking for solutions to our problems. If we are lucky we get an ‘a-ha’ moment, feeling a light turn on inside our head. But if we stop to think about it, often the answer was there all along.

Many of us were brought up to hide our light, to be modest, to let others shine. Even in the competitive world we live in, it seems better to let those who want the glory to push ahead. Then we can look at them and critique their performance. But do you have a responsibility to be the best that you can be, even if that means putting yourself out there?

Sometimes it takes a while before you can see your own potential, we wait for our friends to tell us what they see in us instead of holding up a mirror and staring deep within. Maybe if we shut out the outside noises and silence the chorus of voices within our minds we would be able to hear our own truth and then be comfortable in living it.

The candle that the Rev. Lester Davy lit in the hills of Clarendon came from the flame that burned within him. Those who inspire us spiritually have a clear flame burning that shows us the way. We each have our own light that shines from within, but we like to hide it, or keep it turned off. What would happen if we each let our light shine as brightly as possible? We would chase out the darkness in this world, and leave no shadowy corners for evil to lurk in.

This election season has brought out the darkness in many people. They say it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. The old chorus we used to sing said “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” We love to dance to the old Sankey “A little more oil in my lamp, keep it burning,” There are so many allegorical stories that remind us of our own light. But we need to turn it on and let it shine! Follow your passion and you will see the glow! Speak out on behalf of those who have no voice and you will see the glow! Lead by example, and you will see the glow.

Have a Happy Friday, and a great weekend, Family. May Sandy cause only inconvenience and no hardship.

One Love.


  1. This reminds me of a song called “Put Your Lights On” – on the album by Santana, with a singer called Everlast – who wrote the song while recovering from a major heart attack. It is quite profound and is all about facing your fears, being brave… monsters under your bed, and angels too. It is true, we must let our lights shine as brightly and fiercely as we can…Because we don’t know how much it can illuminate others. Our candle can light others…

    1. You got it! That song was singing through my head as I was writing – in fact I went and looked at the lyrics before I wrote the piece!

      1. Ah, that’s it! I wondered. I found it an inspiring song and deeply personal. One can imagine the terrible challenges and the need to just…keep going, stay strong. Keeping the lights on…powerful imagery. Thanks!

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