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FMM 6 10 16 Dream On

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”~ Carl G. Jung  My father ‘dream’ me this week.  This is the Jamaican way for saying you have been visited in your dream by someone, usually one who has passed on.  Of course these dreams are seen as particularly significant, for there must […]

FMM 6 28 13 Lots of signs

FMM 6 28 13 Lots of signs “I hope that someone reads my message in a bottle” ~ Gordon Sumner aka Sting   In nursing we call them vital signs, the numbers that give us an idea of the state of our health. If they don’t fall within certain parameters, or if they vary from […]

The power of story-telling

The impact of a story.Good Friday morning Blog family! I have been thinking about the power of stories, and how we love to share them. But there are some stories that seem to be too private, too personal, and we hold them to ourselves. Sometimes we lose out on the support of others, in our […]