FMM 5 29 15 How Good and How Pleasant

“The good you do today, will often be forgotten.  Do it Anyway.” ~ Mother Teresa

We are raised to be polite, to say please and thank you, to mind our manners.  And most of us expect the same of others.  But what if the gift you present is not material?  I heard a story last week of a kindness done years ago that was completely forgotten by the person who did it.  He had very little memory of the act itself.  Yet the recipient was touched by it and 30 years later acknowledged it.  And the act of acknowledgement itself became a gift.

Funerals are a time of sadness, sorrow that we will no longer be able to see, talk to, to share memories with another.  And yet they are a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the life of that other, to hear how their life has impacted the life of many.  Sometimes I am left wondering whether the one who is unable to attend that ceremony is aware of the lives touched?

Celebrities have their ceremonies, their Oscar and Emmy and other award shows where people gather to speak glowingly of their accomplishments.  They have the opportunity to thank those who enabled them to make it to the top.  In our own professional life there may be occasional awards, for National Nurses Week hospitals often give out ‘nurse of the year’ awards.  And depending on how that person is selected, it may or may not be meaningful!  I recall a nurse being nominated once to see if it would make her be more cheerful with her co-workers!

There are times when our feelings are hurt because something we did, which we thought was very significant, appeared to be unappreciated.  Perhaps we sacrificed to lend a friend some money, and not only was it not returned, it was never mentioned again.  I learned a long time ago that you should only lend what you can afford to lose!  But many people are just looking for that gratitude.  But sometimes when we give or lend it puts us in a position of power over the other.  And that feeling of being obligated to another is very uncomfortable.  We all like to think that we are self-sufficient, and the recognition that we need others is humbling.

My message today is brief, as I have an early start to my day.  But I encourage everyone to give without looking for a reward.  If we are lucky we may someday hear the effect we had on someone else’s life.  Or we may not!  So do it anyway!

Have a wonderful weekend, Family!  If you get a chance to party with old friends, especially when in the process you are raising funds for others you don’t even know, do it anyway!

One Love!


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