Friday Morning Message: “Rhetoric is not important. Actions are.” – Nelson Mandela

Wrote this over a year ago. Seems particularly appropriate today.

Friday Morning Messages

We are a society that is seduced by packaging. At Christmas time we can buy beautifully prepackaged sets of products. Unfortunately when we open them up, we find tiny bottles and a whole lot of garbage. The same is true of our leaders. So often we hear fiery rhetoric, phrases designed to inflame our emotions, yet the heart of the message is empty.

Recently I read the phrase quoted above on a friend’s page, and started thinking about how easy it is to have an opinion, and thanks to facebook and other sites, we have a forum to express ourselves. But do we back up the words with action? Our legendary high school principal, C. L. Stuart used to say: “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”

I have often been entertained when I visit various churches, by the antics of the preachers. They…

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