Friday Morning Message 9/28/12 Perspectives and Priorities

At times it is hard to make sense of this world we live in. Our priorities seem to be upside down. It is ok to support the unions when they are fighting for a small group of men earning 6 figures a year so they can get a pension. The uproar over the bad calls of substitute refs was enough to persuade the NFL to give in to their demands. Yet when the people we trust with the education of our future leaders try to negotiate for their puny raises, 5 figure salaries and pensions, politicians are outraged and accuse them of ruining the economy.

I don’t get it. Yes football fans (and Green Bay in particular), I feel your pain. OK, no I don’t, but in those long frigid winters I can see how much you need your sports. But who feels the pain of the teachers who are struggling against tremendous odds to deal with classes full of unwilling and ungrateful children? Who cares how fit they have to be to stand in front of the class and try to inspire a desire to learn? Meanwhile, who knows what the children have to overcome at home that detracts from their motivation and success.

Overseas young men and women are dying at alarming rates in wars we seem to have forgotten. Do we know the statistics coming out of Afghanistan? Do we care about the suicide rate of returning veterans? Do we worry about the high number of them who suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)? It seems that even as we are spending time watching TV in this election season, we get more heated about the hot air that is wafting our way, than the real tragedies that affect the lives of many of our fellow human beings. Somehow our priorities are turned upside down.

When we view the world only from our own perspective, we miss out on the harsh reality for many others. Whatever affects others affects us also. We may think we are safe in our bubble, but sooner or later the world will intrude. We are all in this together, and will rise and fall as one. The old adage says “Walk a mile in my shoes”.

Perhaps it is time for us to truly imagine the lives that others lead, to see things from their perspective. Then we will see a way to be more compassionate, to be more passionate about injustices and atrocities that may not have an immediate impact on us and our families. Then we will be motivated to make a difference, to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves, to feel their pain.


Happy Friday Facebook Family! Be passionate! Show your colors! Get out there and make a difference. Next time it may be your family who is affected, and you will need all of us on your side.


Have a great weekend. One Love!

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